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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Semi 2: 13 Greece

In 1983, Belgium sent in an entry where one line was repeated over and over on top of a beating rhythm and nobody understood what they were doing. Today that practise has turned into mainstream and should be a lot less risky, but Eurovision is still pretty conservative.

Freaky Fortune feat RiskyKidd - Rise Up (Greece 2014)

Personally, I am really pleased that Greece ditched that same old song they used to try their luck with. It always did well but enough is enough. Time to explore new grounds.

In fact, the Greeks just traded one beach party for another - this new one is perhaps taking place later at night and is less family friendly. It is repetitive but effective, a little bit daring, a little bit modern. And a lot less anxious about being loved than some Greek entries have been in the past ten years.

I think this is a change for the better but I'm not entirely sure Europe will fully agree.

Qualifier: Yes. This will quite easily proceed to the final where it might meet up with a bit less success than Greece has grown used to. I would not take a top ten placing for granted this time.

My grade: 3/5

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  1. Pretty good job on your analysis of the Eurovision entries. I was tempted to read them all but I haven't heard the songs on their entirety yet. So, I don't want to be bias once I have to write my own reviews. Looking at a glance, it seems that we have quite similar tastes. Hehe


    Tony KuKo