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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Semi 2: 01 Malta

At some point I figured it would be easy predicting the outcome of the second semi as only five songs will be left out. Then I thought again. In fact, it means that also the lower points given gets greater importance and that the interplay between these will be really hard to predict. However, I think Malta can feel pretty safe.

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta 2014)

This country-flavoured number is an energetic opener for the second semi that really kicks off in style. Organic, well-sung, likeable and with a strong handle in the chorus. Easy to retain, easy to remember when the quick recap flashes over the screen, urging you to vote.

The lead singer is easy on the eye as well as a gifted vocalist and the slight makeover since the national final has enhanced this entry further. The video clip - depicting soldiers during the First World War - could have turned into a horrific cheese-fest but is just touching and feels genuine, giving me a hint that the live performance will be put together by people gifted with good taste.

Qualifier: Yes. Then the question is how well it will stand up against the Dutch entry in the final and who'll get the better starting position of the two. But at this point there should be no concern.

My grade: 3/5

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