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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Semi 2: 17 Romania

Opera and Eurovision has proved to be rather a cumbersome combination in the past, but maybe the Romanian counter tenor is the right person to turn things around?

Cezar - It's My Life (Romania 2013)

Cezar seems to be a well established singer, trained in Milan and with steady work around the continent. My idea is that he simply doesn't know what makes a good pop song and decided to hop on the train when the pop producer called and suggested him to do the national final.

Many people have spoken badly of his singing abilities, but as far as I can understand he is a good counter tenor. With David Deor lingering in my memory, I also conclude that counter tenors are the musical equivalent of oysters or marmite - not to everyone's taste.

A quaint singing style could work at Eurovision, but then you need a strong song to back it up with. Unfortunately the song writer really let Cezar down with a pretty bland and enemic little ditty in a very dated arrangement.

Cezar really struggles to breathe life into his number but probably to no avail.

No. Romania is another of those countries that always make it to the final, but this year should be the exception to underline the rule. Unless the Counter Tenor Appreciation Society mobilises itself to come to his rescue.

My grade: 1/5

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