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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Semi 1: 15 Belgium

Perhaps Belgian broadcaster RTBF was scared stiff back in 2003 when Urban Trad almost won the contest in Riga, as they mainly sent in pretty toothless contenders since. Until this year, where they might get scared again.

Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills (Belgium 2013)

After things like a Love Boat disco number, a frighteningly cheerful a cappella group and an Elvis impersonator, Wallonia decided to send in some uncomplicated, straightforward and rather likeable pop for their Malmö appearance. Well done.

Despite being the winner of the local version of The Voice, Roberto Bellarosa himself has however seemed like a bit of a question mark for some people. For being a talent show winner, his sound is surprisingly atypical. He is not your typical big-voiced powerhouse performer, that is true. But he has other qualities.

Roberto does sound like he could crack up, like his voice could break, like he could fall to pieces. It adds drama and emotion to what could otherwise have been just a slick but cold little song.

The Belgian entry is both catchy and moving and could turn out to do very well in the end.

Yes, especially given this excellent spot in the running order.

My grade: 4/5

1 comment:

  1. This time I'm glad to agree with you. And it is not because of the Finland connection of the song. The song develops from start to finish and fills nicely the three minute time span.

    Maybe in few years time there will be more compositions from Finland than from Sweden in the Eurovision final...

    (Still don't understand why everybody else hates the "cheerful a cappella group". For me it was the freshed thing in Düsseldorf.)