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Monday, April 15, 2013

Semi 2: 04 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan seems to have found themselves a formula: get a song that does not stand out too much and a fairly good performer and then you're done.

Farid Mammadov - Hold Me (Azerbaijan 2013)

If that is the formula, then Azeri tv is really staying true to style. Hold Me is a very typical eurovision ballad with no sharp edges or anything disturbing or threatening anywhere in sight. A clever musical arrangement makes it stand out as a little more interesting than it really is, but it still is quite some way from sensational.

The real selling point in this entry is Farid himself. He is a good singer and looks rather pretty and trustworthy. He rather reminds me of a certain Eldar who scored quite heavily the other year in Düsseldorf.

I just hope they don't drown him in special effects of any sort in Malmö. Then my already humble grade will drop further.

Yes. This will be ballad heaven for a certain section of the audience and eye candy for another. But I'm yawning a bit.

My grade: 2/5

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