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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Finalist: Germany

Eine kleine Dance Musik? That could be a good idea also in Eurovision. It sort of worked for a certain Loreen last year.

Cascada - Glorious (Germany 2013)

Right after the German final, there was plenty of talk about whether Cascada's winning entry was a plagiarism of "Euphoria" or not. As usual with that kind of discussion, most of what was said was uninformed rubbish. The songs are similar in style, and that's all there is.

The question is rather if lightning can strike in the same place twice in a row. Can two dance songs win after one another? Of course they can. Nothing ever stopped similar songs to win on consecutive years in the past.

Germany's problem is really that Loreen had more than a fresh sound under her arm - she also had a strong visual identity and a simplistic, tasteful performance that stood out from the rest. In the German final, Cascada offered a stage show that was indeed simple but also bland and forgettable.

There is work to be done here, many things to shape up. The more power, geist and punch they can add, the better the score. It's far from impossible that they will succeed.

Potential winner:
Perhaps not after all. This song is designed to be a chart hit rather than a eurovision winner, but most probably this will be another top ten result for Germany.

My grade: 3/5

Germany gave us up-to-date trendy dance music already in the past and was a highly tipped winner back in 1977. Unfortunately the contest was postponed five weeks and their entry peaked in the charts and passed its sell-by-date before the final. But this is perhaps the best disco anyone ever brought to the ESC.

Silver Convention - Telegram (Germany 1977)


  1. At first I thought this was a typical dance hit for next summer. But the song got better by several listenings and I can't help appreciating Cascada for the talent and professional touch in this entry. I think it comes quite strong and can be in the top 10 of ESC 2013.

  2. I completely agree on this. It can be a great chart hit, but on stage, it has very little to offer, certainly on the basis of what we've seen so far.