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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Semi 2: 07 Bulgaria

If you only had success once, it is easy to conclude that a repeat run of that very entry would automatically lead to a new success. But lightning seldom strikes twice in the same place at Eurovision.

Elitsa & Stoyan - Samo Shampioni (Bulgaria 2013)

Just to make one thing perfectly clear - I am not poking fun at Bulgaria. I often find myself liking their entries, hoping they will break into the final and often feel their pain as they often miss out with very small margins. I liked Elitsa and Stoyan back in 2007 and can't blame Bulgarian television for trying to repeat their own success.

And yet.

When Voda was a surprising and creative entry, the new song feels like a very tired copy. It has the same drumming, the same singing and the same structure. However, it lacks everything that made Voda original, modern, progressive and suggestive. An added bagpipe is hardly enough to make up for that.

No. I very much doubt Europe sat and waited for a Voda follow-up. And if they did, they will find themselves bitterly disappointed.

My grade: 1/5


  1. The song is a grower. At first you dismiss it, then after some time you like it :) I disagree about it being a copy/paste job, it sounds nothing like Voda (water). You also have to understand, that Elitsa is not a pop star, but she sings traditional folk songs from Bulgaria, and for that reason the songs are often very repetitive and similar. Maybe you should get to know her career a little better :)

  2. I agree with Anonymous. I loved Water in 2007, it was ethnic, a little progressive and very energetic. Also the video was one of the best in Eurovision history IMO.

    Once again Elitsa and Stoyan come with a strong entry. They do their traditional music in a very modern way. It's attracted to many people and it's also great dance music.

    Still I can't believe this is a winner. It's too different. But I am so pleased to hear these ethnic elements in ESC. It's the most important reason for me to follow this event.