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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Semi 1: 16 Serbia

Serbia and pop is usually the perfect combo in my world and their 2013 effort starts just as promising as I would expect. Problem is that not a great deal happens after that.

Moje 3 - Ljubav je svuda (Serbia 2013)

The three girls of Moje 3 have already declared that they are just a trio for the occasion and will be solo singers again as soon as Eurovision is over. The big problem is that they act like solo singers already.

There is no chemistry between these ladies as they try to push their little song ahead on stage. As a viewer, it is hard to make head or tails of the performance. What are they up to? Why the devil horns? Does that make the girl in white an angel? And the third one - what is she?

And when you find yourself thinking so much about these things, it is also an indicator that the song is not captivating enough. A harmless little tune that is not bad at all but can't make its own mind up what kind of song it wants to be. Not bad but not good enough either.

I am not so sure. Serbia usually does well, but usually has more convincing entries. There are stronger contenders fishing for the pop points in this semi. Will there be enough points for everyone?

My grade: 2/5 

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  1. The weakest Serbian entry so far in my book.