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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Semi 2: 06 Malta

The Maltese entry is a simple and almost aggressively laidback and uncomplicated little song. Sometimes that is all you need. That and a big smile.

Gianluca - Tomorrow (Malta 2013)

When Gianluca won the national final, I instantly liked both him and the song - thinking this was a very pleasant package full of sunshine - without considering them serious contenders for Malmö.

A pleasant little break, not much more.

And then the song kept growing and growing. It found its way into the back of my head and kept popping out when I least expected it. Then came the very sweet video clip and I was won over completely.

I'm not promising Malta anything, but if Gianluca breaks through the cameras - which I think he will - this could be their finest moment in years. If they manage to keep the whole thing as easy, light hearted and uncomplicated as it is now, then I think many people will find themselves seriously smitten by this.

Yes. If there is any justice in the world, Gianluca will smile his way into the final and perhaps gain quite a respectable amount of points there.

My grade: 4/5


  1. I totally agree. Gianluca is certainly a crowd pleaser also very easy on the eye which helps. The song is simple yet very melodic and catchy. The performance in Amsterdam over the weekend made me think he could be one of the dark horses this year.

  2. This song has many things in common with Alexander Rybak's Fairytale. Both are happy, oh so happy songs and both singers have a constant smile on their faces from the beginning of the song until the end. My reaction to both songs is the same, at first listen I like them, but after that the pre-rehearsed smile and the overtly happy tune start irritating me until I cannot bear it.

    I was in the minority (the only person on earth perhaps) not liking the Norwegian entry in 2009 and that will probably apply this year as we. So if the history repeats itself, Malta will go very far indeed and I will add another song to the list of songs I skip every time I listen the Eurovision compilation cd:s.

  3. I really like it, what a sweet, little number.