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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Semi 2: 14 Albania

Following up your best placing ever is not the easiest thing to do. Albania decided to meet the challenge with two rock males armed with leather pants and a dramatic song in their own language.

Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko - Identitet (Albania 2013)

When Bledar Sejko started making music, rock was forbidden in the Socialist People's Republic of Albania and he and his band mates had to give concerts in secret. I guess very few of the other people taking part in Malmö ever had to show a similar kind of commitment to their art, thank heavens.

Together with the younger talent Adrian, they are proposing a grand and bombastic rock hymn drowned in strings and sprinkled with funny little details in the arrangement. Not a red hot favourite with the bookmakers in all fairness, but musically interesting.

I really like the long intro, the dramatic strings and the conviction shown by these gents, but I doubt they will be able to make a visually appealing presentation. My guess is they will just stand there and sing and play the guitar and very few people are likely to vote for that.

But I do like the song.

No, it will be hard for them to make it to the final. But remember - I had doubts about "Suus" as well. So who am I to predict anything at all?

My grade: 3/5


  1. Actually my favourite song this year.
    But I do think that it will not qualify. But if it would, it could place high, and Albania would get a perfect result again :)