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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Semi 2: 16 Switzerland

After the success of the Russian babushki last year, Switzerland thought they had found a clever follow-up by sending an entire bunch of Salvation Army members to Malmö. If only they had read the rules first.

Takasa - You And Me (Switzerland 2013)

The EBU rulebook clearly prohibits any commercial, political or religious messages on the eurovision stage and the band formerly known as Heilsarmee had to ditch their uniforms as well as their band name.

A good move, I must say. I wouldn't want the ESC flooded with "messages" that the respective broadcasters might find useful. No thank you.

At least the Swiss band got to keep one gimmick - the oldest performer ever in the ESC - and their winning song is in tact. For what it is worth.

The song starts quite well and the simple chorus has obvious singalong qualities that could rock an audience after a number of songs that could be harder to hum in the shower the next day. However, the verses are mawkish and the song displays a complete lack of development.

As this little number never takes off it makes three minutes feel more like seven.

Only if Europe is in desperate need of a sweet and cheerful ditty at this point. Otherwise this is a big no.

My grade: 1/5

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