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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Preview clip: Russia 1994

During the last month, there has been nothing but evaluation based on preview clips on this blog. I have always loved the previews as they are the first taste you get, as well as the first chance of predicting how things will shape up on the final night.

But through the years, I have also learned to doubt the previews. We don't necessarily know a lot about what an entry will be like live on stage just because there was a convincing/disastrous preview clip of it.

One entry like that is the debut entry of Russia back in 1994. To be honest, I found the song a bit dull. Not very dynamic. A very nicely filmed clip, but I enjoyed that more than the song.

Youddiph - Vechni strannik (Russia 1994 preview)

Then came the big final night in Dublin where Youddiph made more of her performance than I had ever imagined she would.

Only seconds into the song, Youddiph brings her dramatic red dress to life through a few tasteful little movements - possibly the most elegant costume effect in the history of the contest - but she also charged her entire performance with a sharp presence, a captivating vocal and a rare touch of understated sophistication.

She turns her song into something bigger and better. With small means she manages to add elements to her song instead of distracting from it.

From a pleasant but unremarkable preview version to a massive anthem that remains one of my biggest favourites of that year. Will any of the 2013 entries transform itself like this in Malmö?

Youddiph - Vechni strannik (Russia 1994)

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