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Monday, May 13, 2013

ESC 2013: roll on Petra Mede

Eurovision week has started for real and I guess there is a fair amount of nerves at the SVT headquarters by now. All these preparations for such a long time and now it is time to show the critical audience what they came up with.

Will people love the stage design? The camera work? The post cards? The interval act? You never know how things like these will land with a large, diverse audience.

However, I am pretty sure you will all enjoy the presence of Petra Mede. She is glamourous, she is composed, she is funny and she is fluent in French.

Armed with a good script - one that is funny when the show allows it rather than trying to be funny the entire time - this could indeed go down very well.

Just like at Petra's big break - hosting Melodifestivalen back in 2009. Also then, Petra co-operated with Edward af Sillén. This looks very promising indeed.

Petra Mede - highlights from Melodifestivalen 2009


  1. I am so happy that SVT thought out of the box in this as well and didn't do things just because everyone else have done in some way. We don't need three or two hosts, one is enough. The hostess does not have to be a blond beauty queen under 30, an experienced star of over 40 will do as well (or even better).

    I am also waiting the contest with anticipation and not for the least because of Petra Mede. I feel sorry for the majority of europeans who are forced to watch commercials when we have Petra Mede or Lynda Woodruff to watch to and laugh at.

  2. Really enjoyed Petra Mede hosting Eurovision but due to the delayed telecast in Australia (as the contest takes place at 5.00am eastern Australian time so it gets delayed to prime time) our broadcaster SBS cut out the Lynda Woodruff segments in the 2nd Semi Final and the Final in favour of backstage interviews with contestants which was unfortunate. At least those of us that watched the live stream on the ESC website saw those bits that were edited out.