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Friday, May 10, 2013

ESC 2013: all my reviews in one place

I have sort of flooded this blog with posts lately and it is fully intentional. When I was younger, sitting at home, waiting for the big eurovision night each year, I would look for and devour any piece of writing concerning this contest.

It could be good or bad, interesting or indifferent - anything was good enough because there was so little. These were in the old days before internet. Try to imagine that world, kids.

I'd hope that this blog could be a bit of relief to anyone longing for anything written about the ESC. So whenever I get an idea, I pour it into a blog post. And it's fun to write, too.

But I did review all the songs for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, and now I fear that these reviews have been a bit hidden behind all these new articles. So here you have links to all 39 reviews - feel free to read, to agree, to disagree and to comment.

Semi 1:

Semi 2:


And in some cases, I already changed my mind a little bit. You can also check out my early attempts at predicting ten qualifiers - first ten from the first semi and then ten from the second semi

All of this for your entertainment. And mine. Soon the battle begins for real.

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