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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Preview clip: Bosnia-Herzegovina 1993

In the ever-smiling glamourous world of television entertainment, the debut entry of Bosnia-Herzegovina arrived like a punch in the stomach. While everyone else chose their stage outfits and perfected their dance routines, the Bosnian delegation risked their lives to travel to Millstreet.

At the airport they were shot at while boarding the plane and even before that, they had put their lives at stake filming a preview from Sarajevo under siege.

Fazla - Sva bol svijeta (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1993)

There had been traces of reality making its way into eurovision also before this: there had been songs about the fear of nuclear war, about pollution of the planet, about the Cyprus conflict. But suddenly it all became very tangible during these three minutes that the Bosnian preview lasted.

Fazla had won a national final held in studio with sub-zero temperature in the partially destroyed tv-house of Sarajevo. They had to film their preview after sunset, so that the snipers in the surrounding mountains wouldn't spot them so easily. They had to borrow petrol from the army to run a spare aggregate for the cameras to work.

"To survive, we need food also for our souls" said Bosnian head of delegation Ismeta Krvavac in response to why they put so much effort into participating at eurovision during such troubled times.

In Millstreet, Fazla sang well but came across as a bit cold, serious and static. The urgent feeling of reality that had been very present in the preview got a bit lost and Bosnia-Herzegovina had to content themselves with a 16th place and twenty-seven points, twelve of which came from Turkey.

Fazla - Sva bol svijeta (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1993)

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