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Friday, May 17, 2013

Semi 2: Happy with seven out of ten

It turned into a bit of a thriller, the revelation of finalists in the second semi final. My heart always starts beating a little bit irregularly - and too fast - when Finland is in one of the last envelopes.

My prediction earlier today went so-so and I nailed seven out of ten finalists, a result I am honestly pleased with. I'm especially happy with being wrong about Hungary's hipster ditty, the first finalist announced by Petra Mede.

What I really learned from this prediction is - again - that I should not take into consideration what others think. The three countries I got wrong - San Marino, FYR Macedonia, Israel - were no personal favourites of mine but in the end I predicted them because they seemed popular.

It made sense to predict them. It would have made sense had they qualified as well. I think the battle for the last places in the final was extremely tight.

I hesitated a long time between Iceland and Israel, I thought they were after the same points and that there would only be place for one of them. I was right, but picked the wrong one.

I can't honestly say I say Armenia coming, but I did have a tingling fear it would be a contender despite being such a bleak song. Will be interesting to see how well it fares in the final.

For the first time since 2009 all Nordic countries made it to the final and for the first time ever all ex-yugoslav states failed. The ratings in these countries will most probably be very low. And where will their points go?

I'm very happy to have Finland, Malta and Hungary left in the running. I can't wait for the running order and then there will be some serious predicting again.

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