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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ESC 2013: we know very little

Twenty-four countries have rehearsed in Malmö and - perhaps due to the low amount of real action on location as yet - quite a few big words are getting thrown around already about who could be the surprise winner in the end.

That's all good and adds to the fun. But it's still very early days. We know nothing.

The reason for us knowing nothing is of course the nifty invention of the semi finals. Ever since they came in to place, early predictions have been even more of a shot in the dark than they used to be.

The semi finals are like a major earthquake, figuratively speaking. Once they are over, the whole landscape will have changed and everything will look differently.

Some songs, looking strong in their semi finals, will inevitably have their feathers ruffled. They might make it to the final but will no longer be regarded favourites.

Some other songs might very narrowly scrape into the top ten of their respective semi finals but will, placed in their new environment, gain new energy and find themselves with a whole new potential.

Every year we find songs who are named potential winners during early rehearsals that, once the semis are over and done with, find themselves further down the scoreboard.

So keep predicting, keep celebrating and keep criticising. It makes the wait for the tv-shows so much easier to take. But final predictions made before May 17th are pretty feather-weight.

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