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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Preview clip: Cyprus 1992

Difficult songs - the ones you have to hear more than once to fully appreciate - are often the ones that best stand the test of time. My great love - after a couple of listenings - of the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest is Evridiki from Cyprus.

Evridiki - Teriazoume (Cyprus 1992 preview)

Even if I needed some time to break into the song, I instantly liked this clip. There was something sensual and troubling about the whole thing. Also it gave some invaluable advice what can happen if you mix fire with bed linen.

This is another of those cases where I have to roll my eyes and question what the juries were thinking. If somebody tries to experiment and try something different in a contest rapidly getting stuck in its own format, then this somebody should get rewarded.

An eleventh place was far from a disaster given the Cypriot eurovision history, but Evridiki and her dramatic performance would have deserved so much more.

Evridiki - Teriazoume (Cyprus 1992)

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