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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Preview clip: Poland 1997

The preview clips of 1997 set a new standard - never before had so many countries provided professional video clips, lovingly and carefully crafted little films to accompany their songs of choice. Many of them were beautifully shot and splendidly edited and the Polish one was possibly the best of them all.

Anna Maria Jopek - Ale jestem (Poland 1997 preview)

This is such a wonderful clip! So rich, so overflowing in detail, so full of life. It is perfectly oozing of vitality and a completely unpolluted love of life.

It is also very including - everyone gets to be a part of Anna Maria's celebration, everything and everyone unites in a whirlwind of happiness. In a time when colder winds are blowing in Europe, it is almost heartbreaking to see something as warm and inviting as this.

If the times had been different - had there been iTunes and Spotify and YouTube - I think Ale jestem could have made a mark also outside of Poland. This is the kind of clip you'd happily watch over and over again.

Also the song in itself is so positive - a jubilant ode to living and being, with a brilliant set of lyrics well worth reading.

In Dublin, Anna Maria Jopek ended in 11th place, which is still Poland's third best showing at the ESC.

Anna Maria Jopek - Ale jestem (Poland 1997)

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