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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost identical entries!

Now that I mentioned Monia and "Nu idag" from 1997, I will have to air a little thing that has been on my mind for many years already. This is what Monia sounded and looked like:

Monia - Nu idag (Sweden 1997 national final)

Then fast forward two years until 1999, when Klenoinki "Cleo" Nilsson entered the stage with her entry "Natten är min vän", written by her boyfriend at the time, a certain Thomas G:son who would go on to becoming one of the most successful songwriters in Melodifestivalen.

Cleo, who normally sang in the band Cleo & Grabbarna, really attacks her song with more energy and zeal than most dance vocalists could procure. She impressed the juries but scored zero points in the televote.

The fact still remains - her song is incredibly similar to Monia's entry two years before. The structure, the sound, the arrangement, the choreographed backing singers... Even the melody lines are pretty similar.

One evil little suspicion might pop up in your head but then again... Why steal a song that already flopped once?

Cleo - Natten är min vän (Sweden 1999 national final)

The relative failure did little harm to Cleo's career as one of the most acclaimed dance orchestra vocalists at the time, but a dramatic road accident a few years back put an end to her career.

According to this article, Cleo still sings - for the well-being of the soul - but is in no condition to tour or give concerts. A sad development for a really talented vocalist.

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