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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Georgia 2012: a non-song with a stolen hook

Georgia's first ever entry is a true classic and my favourite entry of all last decade. This year's entry? Not so hot.

Winner Anri Jokhadze seems to possess a fair amount of charisma and has a good voice (if it carries as well live as in this playback performance). But the song. To quote Baccara: I don't know where to start.

Anri Jokhadze - I'm A Joker (Georgia 2012)

First an important rule. If you want to write a song in English - learn English first. Look at the graphics and you find this song is still called "I'm A Jocker". Whatever a jocker might be.

Another rule. If you want to steal things, you have to do it with a certain sense of style. You can not clumsily lift the hook out of one of the most famous and wide-spread songs in rock history and pretend like nothing happened.

Steve Miller Band - The Joker

Last rule for the time being. If you can't help but clumsily stealing the hook from one of the most famous songs in rock history and make your own broken-english version of it - then you better make it good. Make it stand out. Make it rock.

Georgia's entry this year is a complete non-song. There are no extenuating circumstances. 

Brothers and sisters of Georgia, you can do so much better than this. Bring back Sopho and pronto.

Well, here is one more rule for you. Admit when you are wrong. "Jocker" actually does mean something. Thanks to Roy Delaney and the Urban Dictionary I now know that there is such a word.

And it quite well describes the song. Maybe I just misjudged Anri. He's sharper than I thought at first.

That doesn't change much, though. This song is still horrid and, by quite some margin, the weakest selected for Baku so far. Bring back Sopho and pronto.

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