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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Netherlands: wish it was like it used to be

Most of the time, when people cling to the past, I try to disencourage them to do so. You know, the past is the past. Let it go. There will be no orchestra. French ballads will never dominate again. Most people are completely satisfied with the broadcast being in colour. And so on.

But then there is this thing about the Dutch.

Throughout history, the Dutch seldom reached the placings they aspired for - in spite of winning no less than four times - but at least they used to be good. Entertaining. Quality.

For the last ten years or so, they lost their grip completely and have, in my humble opinion, not sent in a song worthy of their grand past a single time since 2000.

I have only heard short snippets of the songs on offer in this year's Nationaal Songfestival, so I'm not qualified to have an opinion, but judging from what little I heard there is no "Hemel en aarde" or "Amsterdam" hidden in there.

I hope I misjudged the situation and for the Dutch to knock out a terrific little number tonight. And while waiting to be proven wrong, I choose to celebrate the past.

Thérèse Steinmetz - Ringe dinge (Netherlands 1967)

Sandra Reemer - The Party's Over Now (Netherlands 1976)

Frizzle Sizzle - Alles heeft een ritme (Netherlands 1986)


  1. very pleased to have found your blog - great to hear this entry again - i'm singing along to Frizzle Sizzle finding i still know the lyrics & i'm not even dutch! Sad. It must be from all those hours listening to recorded esc entries on my tape-recorder from my parents tv whilst studying for school exams...ah. what a tune :D

    1. There's nothing like Frizzle Sizzle on these days, is there? :)

      Thanks for your kind words, I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading the blog.

    2. Your welcome! Where are you digging these oldies up from. Personally I think the 80's esc era was one of the best. Proud that I was a teenager then to have enjoyed it - my favourite years are mid80s 84/85/86 - Scandinavian countries were getting a good set of points & winning - The Herreys for Sweden, Bobby Socks for Norway.
      Also stumbled upon Icy, great!(think this was the first time Iceland participated?).

      Loved those conductors, glamourous & well spoken presenters back then(sometimes the broadcasters at the end of a show struggled to get it all in & before you knew it the credits started coming up) :D