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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Croatia 2012: Nina to sing "Nebo"

Croatia has revealed their entry for Baku, as Nina Badrić presented the finalised shortened version of the song "Nebo", which is also the title track of her latest album, released late last year.

I must admit to being a tiny bit disappointed that Nina and her team did not go for any kind of supersized solar plexus megasmash of a pop hit, which would have been refreshing from Croatia at this point, but once the initial reaction wore off, "Nebo" stands out as a sensible choice.

It is a dignified ballad, performed with grace and soul, and the added touch of the glockenspiel makes it feel slightly more instant than it really is.

The Balkan votes will rain down over this entry, making it rather a sure qualifier. But in the final, Nina Badrić will have to depend more on luck and a good draw than I thought she would have to.

Nina Badrić - Nebo (Croatia 2012)

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