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Friday, February 17, 2012

Germany 2012: Roman Lob is standing still

After a one year break (where Lena was internally selected to defend her title), Germany reverted to the same selection formula that resulted in their second ever eurovision win in 2010.

"Unser Star für Baku" has been a talent show with the aim of finding more original and personable singers than your average casting show, and - again - it worked really well two years ago.

I haven't really followed this season, but media reports suggest that the formula hasn't worked quite as well this time around. Fewer viewers, less media interest. And no "Satellite".

The winner, Roman Lob, was very popular with the studio audience and will be sent to defend the German colours with the song "Standing Still". It can be seen and heard here on the official website, but hardly anywhere else due to copyright restrictions.

"Standing Still" is unfortunately also rather a suitable description of the song that builds and builds without ever leading up to a real climax. It is the kind of song that the German music industry likes and that is bound to do well in the local charts, but that is less likely to set the ESC scoreboard on fire.

Somehow, it reminds me of Germany's 2005 effort - it hit the charts, but scored a grand total of four points in Kyiv. Not bad, but without a clear handle to make it stand out in a competition.

Let's see how Roman will fare in Baku. I dare say this is not a third German victory in the making.

Gracia - Run And Hide (Germany 2005)

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