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Monday, April 18, 2016

Semi 2: 02 Poland / Colour of Your Life

Poland had the indecency of selecting the wrong song in their national final. The entry finally ending up in second place had already attracted international attention and was seen by many as potential winner in Stockholm and Poland suddenly found themselves on top of the betting. The red hot favourite lost and Poland dropped back to wherever they came from.

That's one way of telling the story. Another way is to say that a more genuine entry beat the over-hyped one that failed to live up to expectation.

This ballad is in no way a winner but it is pleasant and performed by a likeable and intriguing singer. Poland could certainly have chosen worse.

Borderline. With his very distinct look and sound, he certainly stands a better chance of being remembered than many others.

My grade: 3/5

Michał Szpak / Color Of Your Life (Poland 2016 preview clip)

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  1. I'm personally very grateful that Poland had the good taste of deciding for themselves rather than falling under the pressure going for another Swedish-penned radio-friendly mainstream song. In a time of horribly many "Swedish entries", where no one - especially not in Sweden - seems to be able to problemize or question the fact that Swedish music business is mainstreaming the entire Eurovision, this choice from Poland feels like a relief - although I still don't find it very memorable. :)