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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Semi 1: 09 Russia / You Are The Only One

In case you hadn't noticed, it looks like Russian television is pretty eager to win this old competition again. Possibly to show who's the boss. Possibly to show everyone they can actually host the thing.

I will totally ignore any political dimension here and just conclude that Russia could very well pull it off this time. Sergey is a smashing pop star and he's been fixed up with just the kind of song fans and the grand public all expect and demand at the ESC.

Is it a bit too expected, though? My major objection here is that is sounds like a winner in 2008. Did time move on, away from this style? My second biggest concern is that they overload the performance with far too much distracting hocus pocus instead of focusing on the strong chorus. Until I see what they come up with I keep my grade down a bit.

Yes. Totally yes. All my objections concern whether Russia will have a shot at winning or not. Qualifying is a walk in the park. The most obvious qualifier of the year.

My grade: 4/5

Sergey Lazarev / You Are The Only One (Russia 2016 preview clip)

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