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Monday, April 11, 2016

Semi 1: 06 Netherlands / Slow Down

The Dutch really do love a bit of country-flavoured pop, don't they? There has been so much slide guitar pouring out of that place lately you'd start wondering if Nashville is really located somewhere close to Hilversum.

Douwe Bob has the advantage of standing out sound-wise in this semi. Just like Finland, completely different production values have coloured this recording and it feels refreshing among all the wannabe radio hits.

The lad is likeable and the song has a vibe of its own, but the whole thing would have benefited from some sort of development. As it is, it just goes on and on without much of a climax anywhere.

Yes. Borderline, but yes. I think this is original enough to get noticed by quite a few viewers and jurors alike.

My grade: 3/5

Douwe Bob / Slow Down (Netherlands 2016 preview clip)


  1. I agree that this might qualify! The juries will appreciate the quality and it should stand out in this bunch.
    If there's a "surprise" qualifier in this semi it's this one.

  2. The guitar solo of this song reminds me of George Harrison's solo material. Not a bad connection for a Eurovision entry.