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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where is August Hunt?

Estonian semi finals are notoriously difficult to predict and yesterday, I felt sure of only two things: Lenna would make it with ease and so would August Hunt. Little did I know.

After seeing the live performances, I was pretty sure Vöörad would be the one to be left out in favour of Kõrsikud - I know a chaotic mess when I see one and it never looks pretty on television - but Wilhelm qualifying and not August Hunt? My jaw has been hanging between my knees ever since.

I thought they put on such a lively performance of an attractive song, but again - you never know what the Estonians are about to do with their televotes.

August Hunt - Kus on exit? (Estonia NF 2014)

I just hope they will be back with a bang - perhaps already next year? Nothing fills my heart with joy and song quite like the sight of Estonians dancing.

August Hunt - Tantsulõvi (Estonia NF 2014)

Despite being heartbreakingly inaccurate in my predictions last night - I only got two out of five right - I will be back at it next week for the second and last Eesti Laul semi final. Let's hope my favourites fare better then...

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