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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Melodifestivalen: better than bad

Every Wednesday during Melodifestivalen's tour, the press gets a first hearing of the eight songs in the upcoming semi. It's always interesting reading other people's first impressions while waiting for a chance to make up your own mind.

This week, that first reaction didn't contain many traces of happiness. Most people seemed to fully agree that this semi was weaker than weak and outright bad.

Perhaps it's a good thing to lower your own expectations before listening. Last week for instance, I had to hear Sanna's ballad in full to be anywhere near as impressed as all the enthusiastic reviewers on location in Linköping. When I took on the one minute clips on the SVT website I expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised.

It didn't sound awful at all. Better than bad, in any case.

Copyright: SVT, screenshot from svt.se

The third week of Melodifestivalen is often the weaker one. Or at least an opportunity for SVT to dish out some more experimental entries - the audience is hopefully already there and will stay put even if the quality goes down a tiny bit.

I find myself liking some of the more unusual-sounding snippets. I think EKO and Ace Wilder could be good in full versions, and Shirley Clamp's song sounded way more interesting than I thought it would. Too bad that those three are very likely to be the first three to be voted off the show tonight.

Oscar Zia is a packet full of sunshine and Outtrigger will feed the masses hungry for rock, but who will be the one to miss out from Andra Chansen?

Tobson predicts: Oscar and Outtrigger to the final, CajsaStina and State of Drama to Andra Chansen. Dr Alban will be entertaining enough to make it into the top five, but then his comeback probably comes to the halt it seemingly deserves.

I wouldn't mind if I was as wrong as I was with Estonia last night, actually. I would gladly drop State of Drama and Alban and have EKO and Ace Wilder in top five instead. Bring it in, Sweden. Do your worst!

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