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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ace Wilder shook up Melodifestivalen

Yesterday, I predicted that Ace Wilder and EKO would be bottom two in Melodifestivalen while adding that I'd love to be wrong this time. I got EKO right but boy was I wrong about Ace Wilder.

By some sort of cosmic disorder, Ace Wilder not only made the final five but also stormed head first right into the big final in Solna. This really shuffled the cards, folks.

This just isn't the kind of entry that is supposed to work in Sweden. Ace is a girl with an attitude, who doesn't smile sweetly into the camera. In modern Sweden where gender equality is a big issue, girls with attitude always fail in Melodifestivalen.

Then she comes - a Swedish Julia Savicheva with an updated version of Shir habatlanim and just beats the rest.

That odd and weird chorus is most efficient and eats your way into your conscience, and the mere fact that it made it to the final opens up endless possibilities.

If Ace Wilder would go to Copenhagen, it would be a real statement and a new departure for Sweden trying something they never tried before. How refreshing wouldn't that be?

You go, girl.

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