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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Malta is coming home

I will be honest with you. I haven't seen a Maltese national final for years. I understand that they want to make the biggest showcase possible for local talent, but quantity always seems to overcome quality.

I am convinced the Maltese final would be better if they just selected ten songs but tried their best to find ten really strong ones, instead of filling up the program with too many safe MoR-songs.

So I didn't watch last night when my twitter feed suddenly exploded with (mainly negative) comments about the unexpected winner and what a shame it was that Malta would miss the final in Copenhagen.

Listened to the winner's reprise and thought it sounded a bit messy. Listened again today and was quite positively surprised. I don't know why, but if Australia ever entered Eurovision I wouldn't be surprised if their entry sounded a bit like this.

Organic and lively - perhaps the backing vocals are still a bit messy in parts, but that is fixable - the Maltese entry is likely to stand out from the crowd in Copenhagen. There is personality and hooks and plenty of time to do some serious nip and tuck before the final version should be presented.

I have said it before and it needs to be said again: given the size of Malta, it is impressive how strong and interesting contenders they manage to find in the end. Perhaps Firelight don't have the word winner written on their foreheads but I look forward to seeing how far this will carry come May.

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta 2014)

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