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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sanna is turning into Céline

Alright alright, I couldn't help myself. I had to listen also to the 2'30 clip of Sanna Nielsen's Undo. I just had to hear if it built up so nicely that everyone keeps saying it does.

And yes, it is a good song. I understand it better now. It is still not the knockout I had hoped for, but maybe that last level of fabulous will be added in the live performance.

More than anything, it tells me that this could be the perfect moment for Sanna to reinvent herself as the Céline Dion of Sweden. The verse of Undo echoes of It's All Coming Back To Me Now and the chorus feels like a relative of Loved Me Back To Life.

Old and new Céline rolled into one, performed by lovely likeable Sanna. What could go wrong tonight?

Céline Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Céline Dion - Loved Me Back To Life


  1. Céline Dion is a fabulous singer, and so is Sanna Nielsen. However I am not at all sure I would like Sanna to turn into Céline.

    They have many things in common, both have an incredibly strong singing voice that can express emotions. For both english is a foreign language which they started singing after several years singing in their native tongue.

    In Céline's case the change of language has, in my mind, meant loss of personality, loss of real emotion and loss of variety of nuances. When she sings in french she is much more present, sounds more relaxed and sounds more as if she means what she is singing, even though she certainly is a fluent in english as well.

    When I heard the first albums in english by Sanna Nielsen, my reaction was very much the same. I love her personality and the passion she puts in her singing when singing in swedish. In english she sounded, like you said, very very much like Céline Dion in english, which to me means that she sings pitch perfectly but without much emotion, personality and dynamism I loved her swedish music for.

    What do we need two Céline Dions for? Ms Dion fortunately has continued her french career alongside her english one and I hope that Sanna Nielsen would do the same.

    I hope that her performance today will prove me wrong and she gives us an kick ass performance with personality, passion and all the nyances from silence to full. She has had so many great entries in the Melodifestivalen (I love them all expect the last one, which was not in the same caliber) so she would deserve the victory, of course if her song and performance tonight is good enough.

    Alltså lycka till, Sanna. Jag älskar dig på svenska, hoppas att jag idag ska göra det på engelska också.

    1. I think Céline also has more inspired producers for her French material, urging her for interpretation instead of just showing off her vocal skills. That's why I like her stuff in French better, in general.

  2. I agree with you with the material, I prefer Jean-Jacques Goldman to David Foster both as a producer and songwriter. But I hear a different Céline singing in her native language. I loved Sanna on saturday even if she sang in English, but there is something special and personal when she sings in Swedish.