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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spain 1985: also a big star can fall

As the rehearsals are in full swing for the second semi of Melodifestivalen 2014 in my home region of Östergötland, it seems Sanna Nielsen now fully and completely emerged as the Big Favourite, hotly tipped by most to qualify for the final, win the final and possibly even take the crown in Copenhagen.

Big words, but Sanna is well loved by the Swedes, have an actively televoting fanbase and most people present in Linköping seem convinced she just can't lose.

A little bit like Paloma San Basilio in 1985.

The Spanish diva had conquered the world of latin music through her lead role in the Spanish version of "Evita" and was given a big ballad from the plume of Juan Carlos Calderón who had been a mere heartbeat away from winning the whole contest in 1973 with "Eres tú", a song that went on to become a major hit single all over the world.

Paloma had the passion, the conviction and the perfect song. She couldn't lose.

Until she did. Something must have gotten lost on the way from Scandinavium out to the juries around Europe and once all the votes were cast, Paloma were left with 36 points and a very modest 14th place shared with Turkey.

Not saying the same will happen to Sanna - I believe in her song as well. I'm just saying you have never won until you actually won.

Paloma San Basilio - La fiesta terminó (Spain 1985)

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