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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #23 Cyprus

Sometimes an ingenious stage show can lift a song to unexpected heights. And sometimes it just gets in the way.

Christos Mylordos - San aggelos s'agapisa (Cyprus 2011)

It was pretty clear from the word go that Cyprus was not going to go very far with a ballad as demanding and un-catchy as this one. It was never really a question of qualification, mainly of performing well and reaching the precious few who would understand the musical qualities of the piece.

Or so I thought.

Instead, Cyprus put on a visually advanced number where Christos and his backing group all defy gravity. You can of course enjoy the technical aspect of it, but I think it rather distracted people from listening.

It is a delicate little ballad, very sweetly sung, and it would benefit from a simpler presentation. Less is more. Trust your song instead.

But the main aspect in this is that Christos Mylordos is a much better performer than the critics claimed beforehand. With a more clear-cut and more accessible song, he could easily have made it to the final.

My grade: 2 / 5

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