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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #25 FYR Macedonia

My ranking moves into top 25, so all the songs listed from now on would have been in "my" final. And with the presence of this one, I even surprise myself.

Vlatko Ilievski - Rusinka (FYR Macedonia 2011)

As blog followers with good memory will recall, I didn't think much of this song when we all left for Düsseldorf. I found it silly, repetitive and the clip gave me the idea they all took it very, very seriously themselves.

On the contrary, I found the FYR Macedonian team to be pretty easy-going and light-hearted and their stage performance somehow underlines that this is just a little bit of fun.

It still is a silly song, but the packaging is just right to make it work. I found myself secretly hoping a bit for a surprise qualification for this one on the night of the second semi final.

My grade: 2 / 5

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