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Friday, July 1, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #31 Greece

He certainly has star quality, but this guy is reduced to being a visitor in his own entry.

Loukas Giorkas feat Stereo Mike - Watch My Dance (Greece 2011)

This package could easily have resulted in a very interesting entry indeed, but now it is mainly a collection of good ideas that won't really go anywhere.

Loukas, who is a great singer as well as a very welcome sight for sore eyes, belts out his tiny singing part with such gusto that most people must wonder why he didn't get to sing more.

Instead you get an endless load of rap from Stereo Mike, who, unbelievably, gets an awful lot of space during these three minutes without contributing anything worth noticing.

The stage show is very tasteful and dramatic, but for me it doesn't help. It is too late. Stereo Mike has already left the entry in ruins.

Europe did not agree with me, and rewarded Greece with its eighth consecutive top ten score.

Good for Greece - but this song really doesn't do much for me.

My grade: 2 / 5

1 comment:

  1. I am the few people who actually liked this Greek song (Greek background im guessing). Much like the Portuguese song, this is also the song where the struggle is a joy. The problems with this are more than the good points. The rapper alone would have a dire song, Lukas alone would have been a crap song - together we have something that is an interesting combination. Issue is how do you portray these two 'enemies' on a stage? The way it was done looked clumsy and ill considered. Even the Armenian came up with a gimmick and they had little to play with.