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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #15 Israel

I simply cannot believe how this former winner could fail to qualify... Or, well, maybe I can. But it is deeply unfair.

Dana International - Ding Dong (Israel 2011)

It is hard for former winners to come back to Eurovision these days. Charlotte Nilsson Perrelli struggled in Belgrade, Niamh Kavanagh did the same in Oslo.

And poor Dana International didn't even make it out of the semis.

I have ears too and I understand perfectly well that Ding Dong was not the epic masterpiece needed for a former winner to seize the top title for a second time.

But Dana is such a wonderful appearance. She dances out on stage, she almost hits the high notes, she smiles, she plays along with the audience, she fills her little song with so much geist and zeal and presence and passion. She gives the impression of taking herself very seriously one moment, and then just being in it for a laugh the next one.

In short - I love Dana International and find it a bit sad that the rest of the continent doesn't to the same extent that I do.

But she'll get over it. Can't keep a good girl down, can you?

My grade: 3 / 5

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