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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #21 Poland

Had it been the Eurovision Wailing Contest, then Magdalena Tul would have gone home with a diploma. Wailing isn't always the thing to do, though.

Magdalena Tul - Jestem (Poland 2011)

In its recorded version, the Polish entry is a bit of a personal favourite. A cleverly arranged little pop song, modern and catchy, but not simple enough for you to grow tired of it at once.

I had high hopes of Magdalena making it to the final, setting the poor Polish scores up to a level they deserved.

Boy, was I mistaken.

It seems that the sound mix on this (and a few other songs in the beginning of the first semi) was really bad in a number of countries, but no sound technician in the world could have turned this shoutfest into something nice.

The balance between Magdalena and her backing singers is a bit wobbly throughout the entire performance, but after the key change, when Magdalena starts wailing for all she's worth, then all hope is gone.

Somebody in the Polish delegation should have told her to hold back. Told her not to overdo it. Told her to do a bit more of straight singing and just do a few little vocal excursions.

Last place is still violently unfair, but the live performance is a real let down, given what this song could have been.

My grade: 2 / 5

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