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Friday, March 11, 2011

Stand by - San Marino sends in a ballad

San Marino announced early on that they wanted to make a splash at the Eurovision Song Contest - the purpose of their participation was not only to get a good placing but also to secure chart success all over the continent.

A good way to play the game for a small broadcaster putting in a relatively big part of their yearly budget into this project.

I had expected something modern and a bit dance-friendly, especially given some of Senit's earlier singles, so my first reaction to the selected entry would be a quiet disappointment to find it is a ballad.

Not the slowest ballad, but more midtempo wasn't really what we needed this year.

Senit - Stand By (San Marino 2011)

But once the initail disappointment is gone, I realise this is quite a good ballad. If Senit can induce some extra life and emotion in it, it could maybe make it to the final.

And if most ballads drop out already in the semi and San Marino has a bit of luck in the draw, then this one could suddenly look much more like a real contender than it does at a first glance.

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