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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quite a comeback for Hungary

Few countries have had as much of an on-off relationship with the ESC as Hungary. (Another one is their dear neighbour country Austria, of course.) First they were in, then they were out for several years, then they were in, then out, then in again, the out again.

After one year of money-saving absence, MTV is back with an entry selected internally in order to save some more money.

The selection committee decided to nominate Kati Wolf for the job, and if saving money was the main prospect, then these people may get a lot to answer up to before the show is over.

Kati Wolf - Szerelem, miért múlsz? (Hungary 2011)

The song may not be the ultimate composition, but in a line-up very much lacking strong choruses and easily retainable melody lines this one could happen to stand out quite a lot come May.

The song will be shortened by more than a minute and re-written so that half the lyrics will be in English. The title used in Düsseldorf will be "What About My Dreams".

Hungary is one of these very uneven countries that produce real contenders when you least expect it. I am very happy to have them back, especially with an entry as strong as this one.

Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz, the men behind the music, are no strangers to this contest, as they sang for Hungary back in 1997 as part of V.I.P.

They scored a 12th place back then and together with Kati, who emerged from Hungary's X-Factor, they could possibly manage an even better result this time around.

V.I.P - Miért kell, hogy elmenj? (Hungary 1997)

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