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Friday, March 11, 2011

Daria got herself a new set of lyrics

When Daria Kinzer won the Croatian national final, it was decided that "Lahor" should be performed in English at the ESC and the song was reprised as "Break A Leg" at the end of the show.

The lyrics contained a bit too much of the creative English that is so common at the ESC, and soon the decision was taken to give the song a re-write.

No time went to waste and the new version is already done and recorded.

Daria Kinzer - Celebrate (Croatia 2011)

I'm not really applauding this change of lyrics, I must say. Even if the original English lyric was a bit homemade in parts, it possessed a certain charm and a touch of originality.

The new lyrics are just plain and banal. So you like dancing? Good for you! Not so interesting for us.

In general, songs about people being happy, dancing, feeling careless, not being able to live without music and so on make for dull listening. To get away with it, you need the energy of Romania's Elena in 2009. The Croatian entry is a bit too slick and laidback to be a club anthem.

I think I liked it best in the original Croatian version, but I still hope they can make the package come alive in Düsseldorf. I have somehow warmed to Daria Kinzer and her entire person. The girl is lovely, even when she sings cheesy lyrics.

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  1. Croatia is like tired of their failures at ESC with songs in Croatian, that is why i guess they decided to sing in English. "Lako je sve" was highly tipped as a potential winner last year and they finally stayed in their semi final!! However "Celebrate" is one of my faves this year, I like the "typical" croatian backing vocals and I agree with what you say about Daria.
    This makes me remember of "Savsim Sigurna" in 2002, which imo was much better than "Everything I want".