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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Slovakia sends in the twins

Slovakia was a bit of a neverending old-fashioned chapter story when it came down to Eurovision in Düsseldorf. First they withdrew, then they came back, then they pulled out, then they were on the list, then they claimed they shouldn't be on the list at all.

And now they are in, anyway.

Which I am very happy about. Eurovision is an all-european event that loses something as soon as some country pulls out. (Did you catch that, Czech Republic and Montenegro and Monaco and Luxembourg?)

Slovakia figured they could at least save some pennies selecting internally instead of organising a national final, and in the end they settled for pop duo TWiiNS.

TWiiNS - I'm Still Alive (Slovakia 2011)

This audio version was posted on the duo's official YouTube but nobody knows whether it is the finished version or just a demo. The song will be officially presented this weekend during the Miss Slovakia gala.

It is a modern piece of radio pop that maybe could have needed a bit of a key change by the end (to give it some extra punch), but which definitely seems to fill a gap in this year's line-up.

The twins already know what Eurovision is about, as they provided backing vocals for the not too successful Czech entry of 2008. If they manage to keep their act together and sing well, they could probably do more than a bit better this time around.

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