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Thursday, March 3, 2011

No super final in Ukraine

It is not easy to organise a successful national final, but in Ukraine it seems much harder than elsewhere, as their big final has resulted in confusion two years in a row now.

After this year's final, critical voices were raised among the competitors as well as among the member of the jury about the result not being fair.

NTU decided to declare the results invalid and let the top three battle it out again in a new "super final" this week.

However, this final will not take place as both runners-up have withdrawn. Jamala in anger, stating on her website how she refuses to let herself get ridiculed again on live television. Zlata Ognevich meekly, excusing herself by being very busy anyway but praising NTU for it's "far and transparent" final.

How fair and transparent are things when the final needs to be held a second time, I ask?

So the only one left in the running is Mika Newton, the debated winner, with a song she doesn't like herself and which she insists on replacing.

After three months of quarter finals and semi finals, what remain is a highly questionable winner and most probably a song that never took part in the national final in the first place.

I hope they are all very happy at NTU.

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  1. Zlata is great, should have represented Ukraine this year.