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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Russian is coming to get you

A version with bad sound leaked on the net already a week ago, but tonight Russia had the official showcase of their 2011 Eurovision entry. And this is what is looks and sounds like.

Aleksey Vorobyov - Get You (Russia 2011)

Russian television opened the purse in a big fashion and commissioned a song from Red One, the man behind several massive pop hits, most notably performed by Lady Gaga.

Oh, and last week he was rejected in the Swedish final. Long face for Sweden if Russia does better than Eric Saade.

However, this entry proves that success does not come automatically with a renowned song writer. Gaga herself plays a big part in her success, and without a grand personality to fill it up, the song is just a song.

Aleksey is a pretty boy, he has a good voice and does almost everything right. Still, he feels a bit too polite and nice to do this song justice.

If somebody could scare a bit of attitude into him and teach him to be more dangerous and less clean-cut, then Russia could go far.


  1. I like this entry! It's not that Russian as Russia used to send these last years to Eurovision. I wish so much, with whole my heart that Russia is going to send songs in Russian. I don't know why I like that language... Russian sounds so nice!
    But yeah, I can say here's another good song!

  2. Just a pretty boy with a nice song - no bad boy attitude or glance (which was great in Bilan's case), no anything that is gonna "get me" this year...Hogla