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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Runner-up: Ukraine 2008

Sometimes this big guessing game also known as the Eurovision Song Contest can really become too much for you to take. When you are so sure about how things will end that you can't really register what is happening. When it will take days for the truth to sink in.

2008 was a fine example of just that.

I didn't care much for "Shady Lady" in the previews, to tell the truth. I thought it was slick and catchy but also a bit bland and predictable. Then I saw footage from the rehearsals and was totally blown away.

The stage show that Ani Lorak put on was so perfect, like a human firework. After seeing the live performance in the semi final I was 100 per cent convinced that this must be the winner. Possibly with the largest margin in Eurovision history.

For some reason, the Ukrainian disco stomper missed its target and the televoting public failed to see the obvious. Out of 42 countries that could vote for it, seven awarded nul points to "Shady Lady" and only one country - Portugal - gave it 12 points.

The obvious candidate found itself flatly beaten by one of the weakest winners ever. Writing this, I still have to rub my eyes to realise it wasn't just a bad dream and this actually happened.

A deserved 2nd place?
Let me spell it out for you: It. Should. Have. Won. End of.

Ani Lorak - Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008)

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