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Monday, January 26, 2015

ESC 2015: Semifinal allocation draw

The semifinal allocation draw. What a strange title of an event. And what an odd event it is, too. Loads and loads of countries are drawn and drawn and we don't even get a running order. It's a little bit like getting cotton candy when you really wanted a proper meal.

And yet the host broadcasters have handled this little draw beautifully recently. It's the first chance for the host to make any kind of impression, and a fine opportunity to show that the ESC is important but that you, at the same time, doesn't take it all too seriously.

Andi Knoll and Kati Bellowitsch were relaxed and funny, doing their thing with wit and at quite a high pace. I wouldn't have objected had ORF chosen these two to do the big thing come May.

What we know so far is how the countries will be divided between the semis and whether they will sing in the first or second half. What is still more important - that could really make or break your chances - is the establishing of the running order, which will be made by the show's producers once all entries are selected.

For myself, I note that Finland is back in the first half of the first semi and that the only real hope of any friendly neighbour points come from Estonia. That UMK winner better be prepared to give the performance of a lifetime in Vienna.


  1. There is, however, on advantage in the first semifinal. In the second semi there is seven songs to beat, in the first one there is only six. We sure should be able to choose that kind of son, shouldn't we?

  2. Tobias, I'm dying to read your review of the UMK songs!
    When are you gonna review them, if at all?

    1. There will definitely be reviews, most probably on the day of the respective semis, perhaps earlier. But they are on their way. :)