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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Runner-up: Iceland 2009

In many ways, this little ballad is a strike of genius as it can be read on various levels. Somebody wakes up from a happy relationship, realising things were not as rosy as she would have hoped and now fear the whole thing crumbling under her feet.

This was pretty much was the whole state of Iceland went through only a matter of months prior to the final in Moscow. The national banks imploded, taking more or less the whole state budget with them in their almost impressive fall, leaving the finances in a state of rubble and nothing.

"Is it true? Is it over?" probably came across to quite a few listeners as a pretty relevant question to ask at that very moment in time.

Yohanna gave a strong vocal performance - frosty and heated at the same time - and the big points came flying in from all over Europe. Apparently the europeans were not cross at Iceland for the economic shockwaves they created, or at least they wouldn't hold Yohanna personally responsible for it.

A deserved 2nd place?
I suppose it is. Frankly, I've never really seen the mass appeal of this one. It is nice but nothing really special, and after this most Icelandic entries have been nice rather than challenging or cutting edge. I miss Paul Oscar. And Silvia Night.

But rather Yohanna in second place than that Andrew Lloyd Webber ballad representing the UK.

Yohanna - Is It True? (Iceland 2009)


  1. Another probable winner who just happened to be singing in the wrong Contest...

  2. The key change in the right position and cleverly crafted climax (2:36-2:47) can do wonders. I fall for this song every time I hear it. And Yohanna can deliver the song faultlessly (unlike many of the favourites this year) With an uncertain and overexcited singer this song would have turned into disaster.