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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Runner-up: Germany 1985

When I was nine years old I was anything but a cynic. I'm not saying I'm a cynic now, but I find it harder to accept certain things in life these days.

One of the things I struggle with is adults pretending to be naïve, pretending that all life will be wonderful if we all just sing a song and think happy thoughts.

In other words, I find the 1985 German entry a bit challenging these days. More because of the words and it's wide-eyed approach to life than the male falsetto voice.

When I was nine, however, I really loved this song. It was catchy and instant and highly likeable. I was really fond of these people and wanted to hang out with them. I liked their song, I liked their look and I happily sang along.

Sometimes when I let my guard down, I can recall how happy I felt when listening to "Für alle" and actually appreciate it almost the same way I did way back when. I can miss being less critical at times.

I think I just decided to try and like it a little bit more, like I used to. Not least to honour the memory of its songwriter Hanne Haller who would never make it to the ESC stage again.

A deserved 2nd place?
Well, why not. It fitted its zeitgeist perfectly. There were much better songs in the running, but I'd rather see this in second place than as the runaway winner it looked like halfway through the voting.

Wind - Für alle (Germany 1985)

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