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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Song Of The Day: Luxembourg 1977

One of the biggest reasons to miss Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest was their completely unpredictable nature. Quite often they sent in tidy, neat songs or solid ballads, but then again they also contributed more than a fair share of unexpected and experimental things.

One of my personal favourites among the Luxemburgish offerings is this totally wacko disco take on the world-famous childrens' song "Frère Jacques", originally an innocent little song about a sleepy monk oversleeping the service despite the sound of the monastery bells.

This version has a slightly modified message, as the young girl, whose body has been growing here and there, calls for the monk to wake up, not for service but rather to teach her a thing or two.

The surprisingly juicy lyrics include a list of men she does not wish to be touched by, before she puts on lipstick and perfume, waiting for the holy brother to come and take her by storm.

Not that the Vatican ever considered taking part in the ESC, but I doubt very much this would have been their twelve-pointer back in 1977. Not very catholic at all. But most entertaining.

Anne-Marie B - Frère Jacques (Luxembourg 1977)


  1. Do you happen to know whatever came of Anne Marie B? Did she have a career of any kind, or is she just one of the wasted talents of Eurovision, who had their three minutes to shine and returned to the oblivion again?


  2. Unless my googling skills let me down here, Anne-Marie Besse focused on acting instead and is today an accomplished actress under her full name Anne-Marie Joubert-Besse (or just Anne-Marie Joubert).

    But if I am completely wrong here and somebody does know, please share your knowledge with me.