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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Life In The Margin

Through the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, it has in no way been easy to find yourself in the outskirts of the competing body. In the outskirts of the Eurovision mainstream.

When you find yourself a bit on the outside, it can be hard to pick up the current trends. It can be hard to translate these trends into something the others will appreciate.

Actually, you run a great risk of sending in something you yourself find cool, fun and entertaining, only to find everyone else thinks it's ridiculous.

Through the years, these countries have been the ones also in the physical margin. The ones way out on the edge. Like Yugoslavia. Or Finland. Norway. Portugal. Turkey.

And Austria.

The Austrian case is more surprising than the others. Austria is culturally in central Europe and very much a part of the German cultural sphere. Not that Germany ever was the proudest nation in the contest, but still.

Austria often got a bit introvert, admittedly, but even when they tried to be hip and happening it never took off for them.

Like in 1983, when they sent in a cute little song, complete with a dance routine and everything you could ask for. Here we go, said Austria. Hmmm, said Europe, and responded with a luke warm ninth place out of twenty songs.

It is not easy to lead a life in the margin and not feel appreciated. I hope now that Austria came back after four years away, they will feel more appreciated than before.

Westend - Hurricane (Austria 1983)

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